About LaSalle

Our Mission
We create and preserve living and working environments that enhance people’s quality of life.

Our Guiding Principles
Our commitment to our clients and communities is shaped by the following principles:

  • We instill integrity in all our transactions and accord respect and dignity to each person.
  • We work to create climates that value individual contributions and dispel fear.
  • We value our colleagues and cooperatively work to achieve each client’s goals.
  • We are responsible corporate citizens in every community in which we participate.
  • We honor and care for the environment for we know it is our children’s heritage.
  • We place our client’s interest first and understand that profit results from accomplishing their goals.
  • We prize most of all excellence in our work, our vision, and striving to fulfill our potential.

We are a company consisting of a wide variety of people with different backgrounds and experiences.

We develop, manage, and own a wide variety of buildings and real estate.

We understand the need to obtain value for dollars expended. We understand risk (and ways to limit and reduce it), and the increased responsibilities an owner assumes when embarking on a new project, be it new construction or renovation.

We are good listeners. If we don’t understand a response to a particular question, we rephrase the question. We strive to truly understand the concern or problem or need of the individual and of the entire community, as these understandings are the essences of the development process.

We enjoy our work with colleges, universities, religious organizations, and other non-profit entities. The work has been challenging, exciting, instructive—and fun.

We are believers in and practitioners of a systematic approach to data collection and problem solving. We listen, we ask purposefully provocative questions, we brainstorm, and we attempt to expand the possibilities of renovation, economic reuse, and new construction technologies.

We are not architects, engineers, nor contractors. We are not singularly focused consultants with limited experience bases, pre-set agendas, or cookie-cutter how-to-do-it plans. We are development team coordinators. We are your representative who sets the agenda, who insures the proper and efficient execution of the owner’s desired plans and wishes. We insure value, efficiency, and owner satisfaction with the final product.

We are your representative. We are experienced in renovation and new construction. We are experienced in the conceptualization of ideas, in the solving of problems inherent in older structures and in blending new structures with existing ones. We listen to you and use our best effort to make sure your needs are being met at all times.

We help you conceptualize your needs. We help you explore all possibilities, from demolition to new construction.

We coordinate the interviewing and hiring of the architect and contractor. We negotiate clearly defined contracts and competitive fees with all professionals comprising the renovation team. We assist your legal council in drafting all legal documents and contracts. We represent you in any disputes arising from these contracts.

We coordinate the development process to establish and prioritize goals and needs and establish an achievable scope of work. We assist in the establishment of project budgets and insure that the budgeted amounts are adhered to throughout the finalization of plans and specs.

We assist in the completion of all city, state, and federal processes required for your project.

We coordinate the monthly construction draws, and establish the process of draw payments, lien waivers (if applicable), and construction inspections with you and the project team.

We monitor the overall construction performance and review and comment on all proposal and change order requests to insure their accuracy and to monitor their timeliness and effect on the overall project budget.  

We are in many ways “watchdogs.” We ask the tough questions about design issues and construction costs. We oftentimes are able to effect less expensive design solutions or cause the contractor to “sharpen” his or her pencil.

We move the process forward as efficiently and quickly as is responsible. Our goal at the completion of construction is to have you happy with the process and your completed building.