Architect Selection:

  • Prepare RFP for Architectural Services (both Pre-Construction and Construction Services).
  • Identify potential architects.
  • Coordinate interview process and assist with architect selection (the selected architect, hereinafter, is the “Architect”).
  • Negotiate on behalf of Owner the architect contract and defined scope of services, such final architect contract and defined scope of services to be subject to Owner’s review and approval.

Contractor Selection:

  • Prepare RFP for Contractor Services (both Pre-Construction and Construction Services).
  • Identify potential contractors.
  • Coordinate interview process and assist with contractor selection (the selected contractor, hereinafter, is the “Contractor”).
  • Develop (with legal counsel) forms of Construction Agreement and related documents.
  • Oversee and monitor development and implementation of all required project control, tracking and reporting systems. Assist with initial set up of general ledger.
  • Oversee general Contractor preparation of construction bid packages (site, building, etc.), and obtain Owner’s approval of same.
  • Evaluate bids and make recommendations.
  • Guide Owner in selecting successful bidders.
  • Negotiate contracts (the Contractor or Contractors selected are hereinafter referred to as the “Contractors”) on behalf of Owner (all such contracts to be subject to Owner’s review and approval).

Space Programming and Preliminary Design:

  • Conduct with Architect a review and assessment of Owner needs.
  • Define requirements, criteria and standards.
  • Document current equipment needs and create a database of information.
  • Coordinate with Architect space programming requirements, and forecast of future growth.
  • Work with Architect to determine adjacency requirements, and oversee the Architect’s preparation of conceptual block diagrams to test and evaluate adjacencies, processes and people flow.
  • Guide Owner in determining and preparing information related to support system and equipment requirements for the Project.
  • Guide Owner and Architect in evaluating and developing acoustical, lighting and other special building requirements.
  • Prepare, or cause to be prepared, an itemized cost estimate budget that accurately reflects the program requirements and Owner’s “not to exceed” maximum expenditure amounts.

Design Development Management and Coordination:

  • Review facility program/operations and property management requirements and assure their incorporation in the drawings and specifications, as well as the construction contract documents.
  • Coordinate the development of design development and construction document construction cost estimates and associated project schedules.
  • Oversee and manage design development document value engineering analysis processes.
  • Initiate and make recommendations on value engineering alternatives.
  • Oversee the Architect’s completion of civil, architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical design and construction documents.
  • Oversee all permit and approval processes.
  • Oversee the Architect’s completion of design development and construction document drawing and construction review.

Project Scheduling, Budget, and Financing:

  • Prepare and maintain a schedule that incorporates all required project activities and deadlines.
  • Prepare and provide complete project schedule identifying dates for Owner decisions such as: budget, long-lead items financing, approvals, furniture procurement, installation, move, etc.
  • Prepare for Owner’s approval and monitor, coordinate and assist team members in the preparation of all budgets, projections, and other documents and items needed to complete the development and financing processes.
  • Assist Owner in identifying financing options.
  • Prepare all budgets, projections and other information to complete the development process.
  • Coordinate all city processes required to complete financing.
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of financing on behalf of Owner. Complete all loan documentation (with legal counsel) and close financing.
  • Monitor all financing reporting requirements.

Facility Management Services:

  • LaSalle Management Group (LMG) will assist Owner in review of plans and specifications to identify ongoing maintenance issues.
  • LMG will assist Owner in developing an ongoing preventive maintenance program.
  • LMG will assist Owner in the implementation of maintenance programs.