As property managers of over 4,000 housing units and several offices and hotel properties, as well as having the experience of representing owners during the relatively long design and construction processes, we know full well the critical importance of establishing a smooth occupancy transition to a new building or addition which functions and operates as intended.

Owners and occupants are understandably unhappy when heating or cooling systems are unbalanced, lights don’t work, when HVAC systems are noisy, and there is not sufficient and timely enough supply of hot water. We spend a great deal of time ensuring that proper commissioning of buildings occur and that systems balancing, with attendant written reports, is undertaken in a comprehensive and timely manner. We work closely with the contractors and project engineers in the proper documentation of all punch list items, the timely and comprehensive completion of said punch lists, and the proper documentation of all warranty items. We are known as being tough on the release of contractor retainage and will not recommend the release of retainage on those items either incomplete or completed in an unsatisfactory fashion. This is done in the owner’s best interest to ensure that items are completed satisfactorily.

What follows is a general list of closeout items that we monitor and coordinate. A comprehensive list that meets your specific needs and concerns will be developed early on in the design and construction process. 


  • Supervise building equipment commissioning agent.
  • Coordinate training sessions for staff with mechanical, electrical designers, contractors, etc., to test equipment and address proper procedures.
  • Provide list of contractor names and emergency phone numbers for any questions.

Owner/Tenant Improvement Services

  • Coordinate schedule of all interior work including telecommunications, wiring and cabling.
  • Coordinate installation schedule of all owner supplied furniture, fixtures, and equipment.

Project Completion Services

  • Develop in conjunction with the architect, the owner’s punch list and administer and monitor contractor’s completion.
  • Review and oversee final payments and collect all final waivers and releases of lien rights.
  • Oversee close-out/demobilize construction field offices.
  • Establish one-year construction warranty period with all contractors.
  • Provide Owner with all owner manuals and warranty information.
  • Schedule and coordinate one-year warranty inspection.


LaSalle Development Group shall perform all the following services in all phases of the project:

  • Maintain organized and comprehensive files.
  • Prepare, or cause to be prepared, and distribute minutes of all meetings for which minutes would be customary or appropriate.
  • Maintain appropriate communication and coordination with all appropriate parties, including but not limited to Owner, the design team, the construction team, and governmental authorities.
  • Maintain sufficient, qualified personnel.
  • Promptly notify Owner of any problems or other matters warranting notice to Owner.
  • Develop and update major project task matrix.
  • Develop, evaluate and report on pre-construction budgets and construction schedules and provide project oversight on the project development’s adherence to capital cost/budget and schedules. 
  • Development of final project team/assignments of all major personnel.
  • Be available to report to staff, management and boards on project status and recommendations. 10. Make every professional effort to cause all work to be completed in accordance with the schedules and budgets developed.